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Becky (2020)

I was was not awfully excited to watch this film, having heard it being compared to Home Alone on numerous websites and podcasts. Now I have no issue with the Christmas classic that is Home Alone, but it's not a concept that excites me or I imagine translates well as horror. For everyone else out there that feels the same as me, let me reassure you that this bares very little resemblance to Home Alone whatsoever. I was very pleasantly surprised. It is certainly not a light hearted comedy and it needs to be taken seriously and given the respect it deserves. I think the casting is the one thing that came as the biggest surprise to me, seeing Kevin James take a role that is so outside the realms of what we are used to seeing from him. He does an outstanding job here, he is violent, menacing and above all else extremely convincing in this role. I would love to see him continue down this road and take on more darker projects in the future. Him alongside Becky, played by Lulu Wilson are without a doubt the back bone of this film. Wilson is certainly someone to look out for in the future, at just 14 years old when filing this I think she has a very exciting career ahead of her. For such a young actress her range in this film is incredible. Make no mistakes this is ultra violent and in a way I did not expect this film to be. After seeing Kevin James cut out his own eye early on, I figured that was about as violent as this was going to get with its gore. How wrong I was. This film does not shy away from showing you exactly how brutal it wants it to be and the practical effects throughout only amplify the brutality. This is a film that will certainly satisfy the gore hounds. Although there is one scene where a dog is shot multiple times which I did not care for, be as violent as you like to humans but don't kill dogs please. If I had to criticise this film for anything it would be the lack of explanation it provided for the key. It's not the kind of film that really requires any form of sequel so leaving such a big plot point unfulfilled is an infuriating one to walk away from once the credits roll. I did read a wild Reddit theory that Becky's mum was actually a Nazi and that she was involved, hence the prison escape to retrieve the key before the house was sold. Also part of the reason why Becky hated her dad's new partner was because she is black and Becky is also racist, which is why Kevin James's character was trying to recruit her in the end. There are also scenes early on where Becky is doodling Nazi symbols in her notebook. Looking back I can see how this would all fall into place with the narrative but I personally am going to chose to disregard this theory as it doesn't leave a single likeable character in the film. Overall this was a wildly entertaining film that I went into having slightly below average expectations for. Being both bold and brutal with its kills and the way it chose to handle its main characters is something I can appreciate. This is something I can strongly recommend for a casual viewing of your not looking for anything with too much depth or requires too much investment.


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